X-Rays and Injury Gallery

Unfortunately getting injured is part of riding off road. Ride long enough and it will happen so here is a place to compile the hall of fame\pain pictures


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  1. OscarFox
    Cleaned that hill today and a few others. Great day of riding.
  2. Admin
    Some nice terrain out there...I would be using every bit of those hills! Nice to end the video with a "fail", but remember anyone who has never failed has never tried! Good riding!
  3. Hawaiidirtrider
    yea.. and they cleaned this for a race... it's a constant battle to keep trails clear..that's why lots of riders put a machete on their bike or backpack.. don't ride a trail much and it just gets...
  4. jaysplace408
    Lots of low branches
  5. Hawaiidirtrider
    Yea it had been storming for a couple of weeks prior.. thought maybe it might get cancelled but the wind came up and the sun and it turned out great!

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