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    Photo Credit: Andrea Belluschi/Future7Media
    For the third year straight, Jonny Walker has won the Red Bull 111 Megawatt in Poland.
    Putting to rest what’s been a tough season so far, Walker delivered the goods to claim the top step of the podium.

    Holding off a late attack from Mario Roman in the dying moments of the race, Walker was able to get his bike across the line first to take the win.

    “It came right down to the wire, but I’m so happy to come away with the win,” told Walker. “I had a bit of a lead coming into the final boulder garden but my rear moose had fallen apart at that stage and I had hardly any grip.

    “My bike fell into a hole and I thought it was game over then. I managed to pull it out and go shoulder-to-shoulder with Mario in the final few yard just to beat him across the line.

    “It’s been a year since I last won a hard enduro race, I feel like now I’ve put the bad luck that’s been chasing me behind me. I’m looking forward to what Red Bull Sea to Sky will bring in two weeks time.”

    The main race got underway at 1.11pm and it was Paul Bolton who blasted off the line first. As they headed out into motocross section and then the endurocross section, the positions changed with Walker out front as they headed out into the furthest reaches of the coal mine.

    On return it was Manuel Lettenbichler with the lead with Wade Young, Walker and Gomez chasing hard.


    Photo Credit: Robert Lynn/Future7Media
    By lap two, Young was keen to show his hand and picked up the pace to move into the lead, looking to make a break he tried to up his pace as they ended the lap.

    But a leaky radiator saw him drop out of the race and with that Walker took charge. Despite a fading rear moose, Walker hung onto his advantage, arriving to the finishing arena in front.

    But the dramatic ending kept everyone on edge to see who would take the chequered flag first. Walker did so to record his hat trick as Roman — mirroring last year’s result — shadowed him across the line for second.

    “I’m happy with second,” told Roman. “My start wasn’t so good and then on lap two I got stuck in a mud hole which cost me come time.

    “I came into the finishing arena and thought maybe there was a chance for the win but it wasn’t too be.”

    Behind the leading duo, Graham Jarvis secured the final step of the podium. Always in touch throughout the race, Jarvis proved yet again his sand riding skills are not in question.

    “It’s been a good race,” said Jarvis. “I’d rather the win but a podium result I can be happy with.

    “It was a fast pace all race, everyone was pushing hard. I felt my fitness was good and I didn’t really fade at the end.”

    Putting in a solid ride, Alfredo Gomez took fourth with Manuel Lettenbichler rounding out the top five.

    Neck and neck across the line, David Cyprian claimed sixth with Billy Bolt three hundredths of a second behind him in seventh.

    Hard enduro returns to action in two weeks time with the Red Bull Sea to Sky in Turkey, September 28-30.

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