GasGas 300 and Trailtech Voyager Pro and Motominded Stout Mount(100mm) Install

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Is the Stout Mount Better than the Factory Mount?

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    I just bought a trailtech voyager pro for the gasser. its pricey but I have been wanting one for a while. I have been using a Trailtech voyager since 2011. I
    installed the Voyager Pro without any problems and all the regular Voyager wires just clipped right into the Voyager Pro.So if you have a Voyager installed now then installing the Voyager Pro wiring is simple.

    I installed the factory mount that came with the VPro but I didn't like it it stuck too far off the bars. This photo show it tiltled back with the docking station attached, it can be rotated forward but it was still too high off the bars for me.

    The is the Motominded AMPs mount for the Voyager Pro in size 100mm(KTMs are 90mm)(this is the measurement between your centerhole of the handlebar clamps from left to right.





    it mounts much closer to the bars and the mount is reversible up and down and it slides up and down. It is also very rugged and solid.

    This is the Pro attached to the docking holder.

    Notice in the bottom left, I had to run my GPS cable under the handlebar for proper clearance.


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