Cody Web Wins King of the Moto's on TPI 250!

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    Cody Webb has won all three races aboard a KTM 250 XC-W TPI to take home the King Of The Motos crown.

    The first moto took place on Saturday evening as riders competed on a 12-mile loop in the dark using GPS navigation through the Californian rocks. How cool does the night race look?


    Photo Credit: Visionsbykathy/Nicole Dreon
    Moto two took place on Sunday morning with an extreme five-mile loop, this time following a marked course.

    The third moto was the toughest with over 100 miles of racing using GPS routes again. Webb was in fact the only rider to complete the gruelling final moto in six hours and 45 minutes to claim the “King of the Motos” title ahead of Colton Haaker.

    Webb said after the race: “I had a near-perfect weekend. I got the triple crown, I won all three motos and I was the only rider to complete two-full laps. The new KTM 250 XC-W TPI was awesome, I had no issues all day besides some confusion with a checkpoint late in the race, but other than that it was a mistake-free race. I was really happy to redeem myself after losing in the final stages of the race last year. It was a great finish and it’s good to be the King of Motos champ again."

    Pro Class Results:

    1. Cody Webb

    2. Colton Haaker

    3. Max Gerston

    4. Noah Kepple

    5. Mitch Carvolth

    6. David Kamo

    7. Tyler Kinkade

    8. Eric Slominski

    9. Quinn Wentzel

    10. Bryan Nelson
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    Cody is amazing. I don’t think tpi makes a difference in his case.

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