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  1. Kona 14
  2. vtenduro59
    vtenduro59 pw_garfield
    are you still making LED tailights for KTM's?
  3. yoyovip
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  4. lanai
    been wondering about changing sprocket sizes for a while now. adjusted to the stock sprockets on my 2008 yz250 quite nicely but was wondering what would be more beneficial on changing the front or rear or both at the same time? does anyone has recommendations on sprocket setup for tight woods and hillclimbs that has a lot of loose dirt? my bike already have a 13oz FWW, barkbuster, trials tire on it and I adjuted my suspension to almost perfect for woods but went a little bit more on stiff side so I could hit some jumps I found along the deer trails I follow up into the woods. any advice would be appreciated! sure could use some friends on here also. just joined the club of woods riding
  5. Jeff@QuadShop
    Jeff@QuadShop Jim12x
    Did you ever find a Checkmate? I have one for sale. My email is
  6. captnemo
    captnemo James2
    What up? Hows ridin in Colorado these days?
  7. Whatevva
    Whatevva Xtremebob
    I'm FROM Uxbridge...but there isnt much riding there.

    Mostly in the state forests
    Thanks. I think it's true, also.
  9. Hawaiidirtrider
    Hawaiidirtrider MTRHEAD
    I like your motto.... you get old when you quit riding one on your posts... I've seen it too many times with my fathers and his friends that have ridden ...and now it's me so I'm gonna continue riding to head that off... How did it turn that I was the youngest in the group riding and now more times I'm the oldest!!!! good moto!! Thanks for posting!
  10. 00300exc
  11. tboyhankz
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  12. onekawboy
    2011 kx250f
  13. chicguy1
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  14. Briggs
  15. oldtimer34
    oldtimer34 Andy Winters
    Sorry Andy,
    I guess I should read a little more carefully now, I feel like Homer, DUH!
  16. Andy Winters
    Andy Winters oldtimer34
    Hi Brian, that was a quote from homer simpson, you will notice that it's "Brain....not Brian"


  17. oldtimer34
    oldtimer34 Andy Winters
    Hi Andy, ?
    I recently posted on the "Check In" thread with all of my info (my first post, yeah) anyhow, being named Brian, I have to know what gives with the I don't like you and killing you with beer deal?
  18. cbshaffer
    Trusting God for Life; happily married; 3 wonderful kids; 8 precious grandkids; loving parents; the best sister; good health; great home; plenty of pets; several hobbies; great occupation; goals for the future - living day by day to get there. What more could anyone ask for.
  19. Green Hornet
    Green Hornet norm harris jr
    Norm, do you know if there is a downloadable route sheet for this weekends dual sport in Hancock? I am riding Saturday & I was looking to get it into my route sheet holder, before I hit the road. Ya know one less thing to do. Thank you
    Jack Read
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